About: Garry Pritchard

Web Developer

Garry Pritchard is a web developer with over ten years experience within the I.T industry working within the Manchester and Cheshire areas. Skills mainly in building web based business systems, for the recruitment and finance industries. Using Microsoft technologies such as classic ASP and the more recent Microsoft offering .NET, Garry Pritchard has developed secure, robust systems that comply with the w3c standards in code and accessibility.

While working for Freedom Finance a local finance broker, Garry Pritchard gained new skills while working a short spell within the marketing department, before moving back within the I.C.T department. He gained some experience in search engine optimisation (SEO) by helping the company move up within the Google rankings, with some keywords gaining page one. Garry Pritchard also gained experience working within a non-technical department gaining new skills in communicating technical details at a higher level.

Previously Garry Pritchard cut his web development skills at a recruitment software house helping to develop the company flagship application and help developing new offerings within a team of 12 developers. A new system was developed to help its clients to automate the expenses process, by developing a web based application that could be accessed securely from any location and process the claims onto the next step within the workflow.

Systems Developer

As well as developing web based systems Garry Pritchard as developed server side processing applications using C#. These applications process incoming XML documents, data stored within databases and incoming SMS messages.